Steph Purcell Gilpin (Lay Chaplain)

 0115 951 3931 (office)

Steph Purcell Gilpin

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Steph came to the UK to study Medicinal and Biological Chemistry (MSci) at the University of Nottingham. It was here that she felt free to begin to seriously explore her faith in the light of the challenging experiences she had faced in the Zimbabwean context. This process led to her decision to become a Catholic in her second year. She became increasingly involved in the prayer and social life of the Catholic community and ended up on the Catholic Society committee. During the course of her degree, much of her free time was spent in the Chaplaincy and, following her graduation in July 2016, she is glad to be joining the team. Having grown up in a very ecumenical family Steph has been exposed, perhaps more than many, to the various approaches to faith which has broadened her appreciation and increased her understanding and sensitivity. In her spare time Steph is an avid reader, has travelled widely, enjoys baking, loves embroidery and, despite appearing to be calm and collected, is a very vocal supporter of her elite sportsman brother – screaming her lungs out for him at rowing events!