Catholic Society Committee

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The Catholic Society (CathSoc) is a Students’ Union society which exists for students of all faiths or none to offer friendship, support and hospitality to all as well as share their faith experiences, socialise and learn more about Catholicism. We organise prayer evenings, fellowship meals, high-profile speakers, discussion groups and socials.

eleanor-wellsEleanor Wells

Position: President
Course: Theology and Religious Studies
From: Somerset
When not spending time in the cat cafe, I sing in Mass. Musical theatre and Disney also make me very happy, so if you ever want to sing a cheesy tune or two I’m your girl.

Morgan MitchellMorgan Mitchell

Position: Secretary
Course: Neuroscience
From: London, real London
I love football, food and Christmas socks and I am genuinely from ‘real London’ (not someplace nearby)!

Joanna CallabyJoanna Callaby

Position: Treasurer
Course: Maths
From: Ipswich, Suffolk
I love listening to praise and worship songs while working or relaxing, and really enjoy playing the flute in the music group at mass each Sunday.

Loren Querickiol - CroppedLoren Querickiol
Publicity Officer
 International Media and Communication Studies
Dallas, Texas
Professional shopper/Netflix binger/Jesus lover/coconut water consumer

Chris BirdChris Bird

Position: Social Secretary
Course: Theology
From: Great Kingsmill, near High Wycombe
I am a big lover of life, I enjoy a lot of things, music, friends, sport, laughter, and (even though some might be surprised,) silence. Oh and God! I love God a lot as well.

Daniel RenwickDaniel Renwick

Position: First Year Rep
Course: Aerospace Engineering
From: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
I’m a convert who’s currently going through RCIA. I’m also a coffee lover, banjo player, and country music fanatic.

Charles PirozzoloCharles Pirozzolo

Position: Committee Officer
Course: English and Philosophy
From: Essex
I love playing/talking about tennis and I watch the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory sitcom without knowing why I keep up with it. Perhaps I’m too emotionally invested in the characters to let go!

Rita Faria FigueirasRita Faria Figueiras

Position: Committee Officer
Course: International Media and Communication Studies
From: Lisbon, Portugal
I’m an honorary morning person and at my happiest when the sun’s out! I love meeting new people and I promise I don’t bite, come say hi!