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You’ve probably noticed this event on the flyers and thought ‘WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT?!’ When I mentioned this to a few people it raised a few eyebrows; this is not a naked Mass or Bible study, the people are not unclothed- the faith is. Jamie Olivier found fame as the Naked Chief, not for being nude while cooking rather the food was! What I mean is he showed us that cooking was not as complicated as people make out, it is not just for the educated or the cultured- the key concepts are very simple to understand and enjoy. If this is true about food it is even truer about our faith, the Catholic faith.

So Naked Faith is about uncovering the beauty of the Catholic Faith– getting to grips with the real essence of the faith– Jesus Christ and his church- that’s you and me… us. It will be fortnightly hosted in our lovely Newman House in Beeston. The first one is this coming Thursday, 4th October at 6.30pm. The structure of the evening will be opening with prayer, a talk around an aspect of the faith, food (it’s what Jesus would do), question and answer session and then closing with a prayer session- roughly 90 minutes max.

The 11th October is the start of the Year of Faith (blog post next week for more details); Pope Benedict has called for this year so that the WHOLE Church experiences a renewal of faith, a rediscovering of the beauty, wonder and strength of our faith. He believes this will help equip us for sharing our faith with others. Naked Faith is designed for us to do just that. We have a wonderful, vibrant and welcoming community that is quite large, one of the biggest in the country. Yet when we look at the size of the University we are barely 1%. How are we going to reach those remaining 99%? (Please don’t get me wrong I don’t believe in the numbers game, I believe in the people one. Having 10 people at Mass who really want to be there is more than 10,000,000 going through the motions). However before we hand the faith on to others we have to be sure in it ourselves, we can only give what we have ourselves received- this is symbolised in the Mass;  the Priest and the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion receive Our Lord before they distribute Holy Communion. So we too must have faith to hand on faith; the deeper our faith the more we can hand on.

Naked faith aims to be a mix of catechesis and apologetics (teaching of and defence of the faith); the main aim though is to help you answer this question: Do I believe what I believe is really real?

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